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The European avocado has arrived!

Local and seasonal products

Sustainable and fair production and distribution of European avocado.

Environmentally conscious

We grow and market with positive social and environmental impact

European self-sufficiency

We consume seasonal products, from October to May, the Spanish avocado for Europe. We started in October with the bacon, continued from November to March with the Hass and ended the campaign with the Lamb Hass until May.

Taste the best of local production in Europe


Aguacate Hass, producido en Valencia, España. Uso sostenible del agua. Reducción de emisiones.

Hass avocado, produced in Valencia, Spain. Sustainable use of water. Reduction of emissions.

Avocat Hass, produit à Valence, en Espagne. Utilisation durable de l’eau. Réduction des émissions.



Shipping from 2,99 €



Zero emissions






Total transparency, traceability with blockchain and emission reduction in the production, packaging, transport and consumption of European Avocado

Technology for intelligent water management, we apply probes to measure the time and amount of water strictly necessary.


Mulching with rice straw and other organic residues, to retain moisture and generate a fertile substrate with its microorganisms.


Do you need a wholesaler for your business?

Take the opportunity to have in your product range, Spanish avocados. Offer your customers a healthy and local product. Our products are carefully selected to ensure freshness and flavor.

Consuming European avocado allows you to improve your diet, with this superfood that you can introduce in all your meals in a very varied way, you will improve your health and that of your customers.

Our production is based on the principles of sustainability, economic, social and environmental. Fair wages and margins, we do not use herbicides, water consumption equivalent to growing citrus. Our fields are real forests of avocados, which are all year long absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere and give us a superfood, healthy fats and rich for our diet.

TOTAL TRANSPARENCY: we use blockchain technology that ensures the source information of our Spanish avocados, in our case from Valencia. In our avocados you will find a QR code that will allow you to see the traceability of that product that you are selling and consuming. You can give us feedback. Together we will create chains of trust from producer to final consumer.

We have the seal of origin ASOPROA, Valencian avocado

Are you a producer? We sell your avocados all over Europe.

Are you a producer? We can help you sell your avocados directly in Europe. If you are a producer and want to join this chain of trust… we wait for you, contact us (send us an email to

If you have your direct sales channel, we can help you add Trusted Traceability with Blockchain. We launched this year the ZeroFood project to incorporate QR code and certified traceability.

Contact us and we will help you.

Among all we must teach all Europeans to consume Avocado proximity.


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